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Rates & Info


2024 Hunt Prices

All prices are per person and include lodging, meals,  guide, and game care (unless otherwise noted).

Trophy Whitetail

Hunts are 4 days and include one mature buck scoring up to 149 7/8" B&C.  Price - TBD

A deposit of $TBD is required to book hunt.  The remaining is due 30 days prior to hunt. 


In addition to the standard Whitetail hunt, the following trophy fees will apply:

  • 150" - 159 7/8" B&C - TBD
  • 160" - 169 7/8" B&C - TBD
  • 170" - 179 7/8" B&C - TBD
  • 180" - 189 7/9" B&C - TBD
  • 190" - 199 7/8" B&C - TBD
  • 200" - 209 7/8" B&C - TBD
  • 210" B&C and higher - Please contact us for pricing


Hunts are 3 days and are typically available year round.  A deposit of 50% is required to book hunt and the remaining is due 30 days prior to hunt.  Prices for each are shown below:

  • Our exotic hunts are currently TBD.


Cull bucks / Does

Cull buck and doe hunts are subject to availability.  These are 3 day  hunts.  The "cull" buck to be taken will be selected by your guide.  A deposit of 50% is required to book your hunt.  The remaining is due 30 days prior to hunt.  


Cull buck - TBD

Cull buck and doe - TBD

Doe hunt (2 does) - TBD

Axis Doe hunt (2 does) - Currently not available


Our dove hunts are extremely popular and book up quickly.  These are 3 day hunts and typically begin at noon on Friday, and end at noon on Sunday (4 hunts).  Midweek hunts are available.

Price - TBD


We offer fully guided quail hunts, with some of the top guides and dogs in the area.  Please contact us for pricing.


A deposit of 50% is required to book your hunt. The remaining is due 30 days prior to hunt.


Turkey hunts are semi-guided.  These are 3 day hunts. Your guide will bring you to your hunting location and  provide some guidance of the area. For safety, your guide will remain in the area. A deposit of 50% is required to book your hunt. The remaining is due 30 days prior to hunt.  

Price - TBD (2 Toms)


Hunts specifically for hogs are generally held during the "offseason". These are 3 day hunts. Stand hunting only.  No dogs.  A deposit of 50% is required to book your hunt. The remaining is due 30 days prior to hunt.

Price - $900 (one hog per day)

Hunt Specials

"Do it yourself" Hog - 3 day hunt

  • $600 - Complete use of our facilities.  Hunter provides own food, drink, and game care.  A Casa Monte Lodge staff member will be available to help get you to the blinds 
  • Hunter may shoot 3 hogs total (any hog, hunter's choice) 
  • Payment in full required to book hunt.

Custom Hunt Packages

  • Have something else in mind?  Please contact us and let us know what you are looking for.  We will do our best to accommodate your requests.
  • Contact us for Parent/child hunting packages.

General Info

  • Although we have nearly a 100% success rate, our hunts are not guaranteed.  Our guides will make every effort to provide you with an opportunity to take your animal; however, weather and animal movement are beyond our control.
  • Non-hunters are always welcome.  The fee for a non-hunter is $250/day.  This includes lodging, meals, and open bar.  There is also a catch and release fishing pond for your enjoyment (please bring your gear).
  • Extra days can be added to your hunt, based on availability.  The fee is $250/day for each extra day.
  • Cancellation Policy - All deposits are non-refundable.  If you have to cancel, please notify us as soon as possible and we will apply any existing funds towards a future hunt.  "No shows" will lose the opportunity to apply existing funds to a future hunt.
  • Cash, check, and all major credit cards accepted.  Gratuities are not included in the listed prices, but are customary. Our guides and staff work really hard to make sure your experience is the best it can be.
  • Texas State game laws and seasons are followed.  On MLD properties, your guide will provide the proper tag.
  • Texas hunting licenses are required.  For non-residents hunting Whitetail deer, a General license must be purchased (Item 105).  For Turkey, either a General license (Item 105) or a Spring Turkey license (Item 118) is required.  For all other game, a 5 day Special Hunting license (Item 157) is acceptable.  When hunting doves, both residents and non-residents must have the HIP certification (Migratory Bird Endorsement).  For more information, please visit: .  If you purchase your license online, please do so at least a month in advance of your hunt.  Texas Parks and Wildlife will mail you a hard copy of your license.  Depending on where we will be hunting, you may need your tags.  Tags can be reprinted at any license outlet, for a fee.
  • Whitetail scores for pricing purposes are "gross" scores, utilizing the Boone and Crockett scoring method.
  • We do have a rifle range on site.  You are encouraged to utilize it to make sure your rifle is zeroed.
  • If you wound a deer/exotic (draw blood/flesh/bone), we will make every effort to locate it.  If we are unable to find the animal, you may have the option of bringing in tracking dogs at your expense.  Any wounded deer/exotic that is not located, will be considered your kill for the hunt.
  • The game care we provide is basic skinning, quartering, and storage until you depart.  For deer, exotic, or hog that are to be mounted, we will cape to the base of the head.  If you need the head fully caped, please let us know.  We can also arrange for processing and taxidermy at an additional cost.
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